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Hey there, welcome to TnT Studios!

This site is dedicated to the creative artistic talent of Tabitha Ladin, and her sometimes trusty sidekick, if he's up to snuff.

This will be the official website and main portal for all commissioned sales. You'll still be able to browse through eBay and Etsy, but here you'll find a more wide and varied selection, and not one censored by bots and pencil pushers. Not that anything is wrong with that, who doesn't like a good bot?

If you don't see the model you're looking for, and it's available on our sister site, just reach out and we will add it to the store listing for you!

Any printing questions, or model acquisitions please direct your messages to Serix, while all other questions up to including how you want your model painted or time frames, reach out to Tabitha! She'll be happy to answer any and all questions for you.

Thanks for the look and keep in mind, the website is being built and there's going to be a lot going on! Check back daily.

Purchases are for painting commissions, the models themselves are provided by Serix's Bag of Holding and are included in the commission price.

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